Having fun and capturing your family at its best is always our main aim. You must feel at ease and relaxed - not easy with the current COVID worries.



Your safety is important to us so we’re making changes to the way we run things to enable your time here is as safe and stress free as possible.


The easy things like thoroughly cleaning the studio between sessions and hand washing will of course take place. We will be wearing the appropriate PPE and the studio will be well ventilated.



We usually shoot 5 family groups a day and then have everyone return a week later to view their images - we feel that the best way to reduce the traffic in the studio is to do same day viewings. This will mean that we will only be booking 2 family group sessions per day which in turn will reduce risks.


The plan is to, come and enjoy your hour long photography session with us. Then pop out around Chester for an hour (giving us time to select your images) Then the exciting bit, you can all return to the studio to view and select your pictures.

This means that there is no waiting a week (a good thing if you’re as impatient as i am!)


Thank you all for your understanding and compliance, your loyalty means the world to us. Xx