What if I don't like being photographed?

A photoshoot shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience and we all want to look our best on a picture.  

Through our easy shooting style and natural posing we’ll make sure that you feel at ease in the studio. We understand if it takes a little longer for some to warm up but please do not worry we’ll make your whole session painless and fun! It will not be half as bad as you think… We promise.

We regularly hear from our clients that they are surprised at how easy and relaxed they felt at their photoshoot


What should I wear?

We think it’s best to avoid wearing white in the studio as we predominantly shoot on a white backdrop. Wearing a splash of colour on the day always makes for a great portrait. We would also suggest not wearing clothing with big logo’s as this does tend to distract on the final image. If you are coming in with the whole family, maybe think about a colour theme? e.g. all wearing a shade of blue.


Can I bring the dogs?

Absolutely! Pets are a huge part of the family. We welcome well behaved pets and there is plenty of space for them during your session. Bring along some treats you know they like, bribery may be needed!


How long will my photoshoot take?

We always allocate up to 1 hour in the studio for your session, leaving plenty of time for quick breaks for outfit changes, feeding babies, cuddles etc…


Where is the studio located?

Our studio is based in the heart of Chester, up on the historic Rows on Upper Bridge Street (opposite the Sulg & Lettuce)  There’s plenty of city centre parking and more than enough great restaurants and coffee shops to indulge in after your session.


Where should I park?

Being in the centre of Chester there are plenty of carparks nearby. Pepper street NCP is just around the corner or the Grosvenor shopping centre is yards away from the studio.


Can I Buy digital portraits?

This is our most frequently asked question. Yes. A lot of people prefer to have their images on a USB nowadays, it gives you complete flexibility to print them off for everyone whenever/however you like.