Every session begins with a telephone consultation for us to understand your requirements. We will guide you on the best outfit selections and suggest appropriate colour schemes for your shoot. A suitable date and time will be scheduled and a £30 deposit will be taken to secure your booking (this will be deducted off your final order).

Selecting the right outfits is essential, as these images will grace your walls for years to come (so the more effort you make with your outfits the better!)

We recommend each family member bring one outfit, avoiding clothing with large logos or characters, as they can distract from the timeless quality of your photos. You're all going to be together on these images; coordinating similar shades of colour looks fantastic on camera. Don't worry about shoes, as they are rarely the focal point of our images. Bare feet looks best while shoes look very big and bulky.

You will be welcomed into the studio on the day of your session, this is your time here. It is our priority to make sure you are relaxed, as false smiles and awkwardness really show on camera. We allocate a full hour for our Family Photography Sessions and a little longer for Newborn & Generation Sessions. If you have small children we understand that they can get bored and tired very quickly; This hour gives us plenty of time for them to have snacks and breaks and more importantly for us to make friendships and bonds with them and you - allowing us to capture real smiles. We strongly believe that to get the best picture of somebody they need to be enjoying themselves. With this in mind, we will make sure that you and your children have as much fun as possible whilst you are here.

As soon as your photography session is over we require an hour to go through all of your images. We select the very best for you to view. During this time you can enjoy what Chester has to offer, take a break and stretch your legs.

When you return your beautiful images will be ready for you to view. This is your opportunity to choose your favourite selection of pictures and design the perfect masterpiece for your home. We offer a wide selection of quality British handmade frames and canvases for you to choose from. You can also purchase your images as prints (ready to frame yourself) and even digitally; giving you all of the freedom to do your own printing.

All orders placed will take between 2 and 4 weeks to complete.

Here are some outfit suggestions for you and some examples of what other families have worn during their photography sessions;