Life is full of questions


What is the best age to get professional photographs of my child?

Now! If your asking the question then you know the answer... time flies and you will never get it back. Babies grow, children change and teenagers move out. Every stage in life is worth capturing.

What is best to wear?

It is really worth spending time planning your outfits. This need to be right. Your outfits should complement each other as a group. It might be that you all wear similar colours (pastels work well and denim is timeless) Don't come too dressed up, our style of photography is fun and relaxed, therefore arriving like you're all attending a wedding won't suite the styled image. Plus you need to look like yourselves :) Smart casual works perfectly. We always shoot you barefoot, shoes look big and bulky - feet are rarely in shot and never the focal point (unless your a newborn baby, we love tiny feet!) Avoid large logos and characters on t-shirts as they are very distracting on your final image.

What if my other half isn't keen on the idea!?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions! More often than not, it’s Mum who is keen on having a portrait photography session with a reluctant Dad in the wings. Our photography sessions are fun and relaxed, so hopefully they will ease into it. There will be lots of opportunity behind the camera for making the children laugh, so the lens won’t always be on them. Its our job to make you all feel at ease and enjoy the whole experience. Remember, we're asking for just one hour of their time to capture this particular stage in your family’s history. However, if that fails, there is always bribery!

when will we view our photos?

We do same day viewings. Making your photography session a day out! After your session we ask you to take a well deserved break and return back to the studio an hour later. In this time we select your set of images and prepare them for viewing purpose. So there's no long wait :)
It always helps us if you know how you would like to display your images. Have a think about where you would like to hang your pictures? It might be the centre piece of your living room, a collection for the hallway or a standout feature for the kids rooms.... or all of the above!

What is the best way to get my images?

The most popular way we sell images is digitally. It might be that you want to make photobooks and print canvas or even do reprints for the whole family. The options are endless.

What is the downside of just getting the digital files?

The worst thing that could happen is; you do nothing with them! You also don't have the guarantee of quality when ordering online.
This is why we offer both and work closely with a professional lab. We have a wide verity of wonderful quality handmade, bespoke frames....all handmade here in the UK.

Who designs my frame?

You! We will help you create your very own masterpiece but ultimately, you are in control. We will suggest plenty of options and show you examples. We offer a wide selection of frames to choose from, meaning we will have something that will look perfect in your home.

When will I receive my order?

Mounted prints and digital images take upto 2 weeks and all framed options upto 4 weeks.

Can I bring food or sweets along to the shoot?

By all means, yes. In fact, you all need to keep up your energy, so snacks really are a good idea for all the family. However, please bring snacks that can be eaten fairly quickly (no lollipops please!) and which don’t make a mess of outfits, like chocolate buttons and Wotsits.
We will always give the kids a wipe down before we start the shoot as close up's will detect the slightest crumb or dribble.